Wow, thanks for your support!  Being the newly elected President of your Chapter, means so much to me.  It is something that we have always wanted to do.  We will really need your support.  It will also be a pleasure to work with my friend John Hodges, President of Fairfax Lee Chapter. We hope to work together for the betterment of our soldiers and veterans.


First, Todd Hunter isn’t gone.  He will be close by and is just cutting back a little on his work load.  We will depend greatly on his expert advice, time and attention.  Todd, as you know, is the very best.  He has done so much for the George Washington Chapter, AUSA, our soldiers and wounded warriors and the Army.  Todd’s energy knows no bounds.  I know that you will share with me our appreciation for a job exceptionally well done by Todd. 


So what is this Newbie going to do?  We plan to provide the same solid support to all our members, wounded warriors, veterans, ROTC Cadets and soldiers that Todd did.  We want to help everyone as best we can.  Our executive board is dedicated to that.


To provide that support we need more members in AUSA and in our Chapter. We especially need more corporate members.  AUSA provides so much professional development support for all of us that membership, both corporate and individual, should be an easy call for anyone not a member. Please help us bring in more individual and corporate members. Membership is a big area of emphasis and so important to us and to AUSA.  The more members, the more clout, and the more help we can provide to all.


With more members, we can provide more support to the folks that count – our warfighters.  They mean so much to all of us, and many of us have walked a mile or so in their boots.


Our soldiers come first.  Nothing is more important in my view. I am sure that you share that view as does AUSA.


The GW Chapter has lots of events coming up.  I am not sure that I know of all of them just yet, but will be a fast learner.


--On 19 August, at our Chapter Meeting we are sponsoring a network modernization panel


--On 10 October is our Chapter Golf Tournament jointly sponsored with the Fairfax Lee Chapter.


--On 11 October is the AUSA 10K Run and our HOOAH tent sponsored jointly with MDW.


Following these is the Annual AUSA Convention and Exposition at the Washington Convention Center 13,14, & 15 October.  It is the largest landpower exposition in the world and always worth your time. For corporate members there is a corporate luncheon on the 13th at no charge, to recognize your contribution, but you must have a ticket.  Let us know if you want to attend and are one of our GW corporate members.  We hope to see you there.


What do you want to see the chapter do? What can we do to support?  If you have ideas or suggestions don’t hesitate to let me know. I am penciled in to help, so don’t hesitate holler.  I can be reached at Tel:  703/748-1717 or by email at and  we have a good sized executive committee to support all of us.


                                                         Prepared and Loyal,



October 1, 2016

Annual AUSA Golf Tournament

Westfields Country Club

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